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Readings and Reiki

L.N. has known that she has the gift of healing as well as the gift to see beyond the veil since she was a teenage girl but was unable to embrace her calling due to fear. After working as a nurse for many years and helping people transition to the other side, L.N. decided to answer her calling to heal in a more spiritual and energetic fashion. Family, friends, and a select few in the community have had the privilege of experiencing L.N’s gifts but now she is finally ready to offer her gifts to the rest of the world. 


L.N. provides healing and guidance through intuitive, psychic and mediumship readings that may include tarot and oracle cards. 


Psychic readings are utilized to gain clarity,  insight, validation, divine connection, awareness, and inspiration… all to uplift, enlighten, and empower you on your journey. My goal is to help restore your connection to your higher soul-self, to remind you of your innate power, and to inspire joy and wonder.


With mediumship readings, we will reach out to and connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. We will receive evidence validating that our souls remain eternally attached to our family, friends, pets, etc providing you with a level of comfort and peace on your healing journey.


30 minutes-$50

60 minutes-$100

90 minutes-$150

Reading and Reiki Pairings

90 Minute Pairing:

Enjoy a 60 minute reiki session followed by a 30 minute reading-$130

120 Minute Pairing:

Includes a 60 minute reiki session followed by a 60 minute reading-$180

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